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Велислав Балдев - Lyon Visuals

Velislav Baldev

Creative director

Behind the curtain...

My name is Velislav. I am a creative director based in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. My journey started in Copenhagen, Denmark where I got a marketing degree and bought my first camera.
Fast forward several years and I am now creating imagery and videos for some of the biggest companies and artists across the country and abroad.

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It all started just for fun, but after a while my work became so popular on social media that inquiries started pouring in for all kinds of different projects. It was the moment when I decided to quit my corporate job and started focusing on what was about to become my profession and a way of life. In its 6 years of existence LYON VISUALS has grown into an easily recognizable brand with powerful presence and influence in the advertising industry. I`m especially proud to call leaders of industries in Bulgaria, global brands and world-known artists - my clients.